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If word-of-mouth among friends is the best way to advertise, posting ads on platforms where friends are encouraged to share things with each other is the second best. With that in mind, we've added an Ad Design service to Hidden Gems Books. Let our marketing experts (who are also authors themselves) give you the best chance of turning every book into a bestseller and every promotion into a smashing success.


Ginger, graphic artist and cover designer.

Ginger is a 15+ year veteran of the digital advertising industry, having worked for world-famous advertising agencies in London and New York, on the accounts of national and global companies you do business with every day. This has given him something money simply can't buy—an innate eye for design and what looks 'right' on the cover of a book.

Ginger is also an established author and publisher, and has partnered with authors for a number of years to help market and promote their own books. This breadth of experience has enabled him to learn the subtle details that can help an ad on social media really grab a potential reader's attention. By helping these authors advertise and promote their books on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Ginger has also identified the key traits and trends of social media advertising that can really influence a customer's buying decision—so you'll end up with an advert that doesn't just look great, but also works harder for you amidst all the distractions of social media.

Great advertising can supercharge the performance of your self-publishing career, which is why Ginger is excited to work directly with authors to produce eye-catching, effective advertising materials for them to use on Facebook, BookBub, Twitter, and beyond.

From individual ads for specific campaigns, to fully built-out Facebook pages and Newsletter Subscriber funnels, you’ll be working with a fellow author who brings 20+ years of advertising and marketing experience to the table - with a keen eye for strategy, detail, and reader engagement.

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Individual Ad Design

Base Price: $25

Ginger can design individual adverts optimized for Facebook, Twitter, BookBub, or Instagram - using scroll-stopping techniques to drive book sales, newsletter signups, or achieve whatever your goal is. Check out some ad samples!

What you get:

  • Custom advert art for your chosen platform in either 1:1 or 16:9 format

Optional Addon: Get both 1:1 and 16:9 advert art: + $10

For any of the services ordered, a 50% deposit is due once the details of your order are finalized, with the balance due on delivery. All payments are in USD and through Paypal. Please fill out the form below to place your order and we will get back to you shortly for more info/scheduling

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      Once the designer accepts the order you'll be sent a PayPal invoice for a 50% deposit. The agreed upon turn around time only begins once that invoice is paid in full.


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